O3Odors and indoor air quality are a struggle regardless of the industry you work in. Be it urine, smoke, mold and mildew, pet, food, garbage or just that dank smell of indoors, chemicals are not the solution and more often only add to the problem. We can all relate to the idea of freshening our home, our office or even our vehicle by opening up the windows to let the fresh air blow through, leaving it smelling fresher, even cleaner. What you probably don’t know is that the ozone that is generated naturally in the air outdoors is what has the deodorizing effect when the breeze blows through. Newaire, Inc has developed a line of products that emulates the air that you find by a waterfall or in a forest where the negative ion counts are high and the fresh smell of ozone is in the air.

This is a very simple clean technology that allows you to naturally eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals throughout your facility, literally as if you were opening all the windows and Ozone Moleculejust letting the fresh air flow through. From the restroom to the garbage room and every area in between, this is the safest, most effective means of eliminating troublesome odors while improving the air quality throughout your facility. The bonus is that you will actually save money in the process.

Everyone is looking for “Green Products”, what can be greener than Mother Nature’s very own air cleaner. There is no residue, nothing to refill with only a simple twice a year cartridge change.

For more information on Newaire’s complete line of products, contact them directly at 1-866-676-9663.